If an immigrant is facing deportation (now called removal) or difficulties with admission into the United States, contact the law offices of Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz for assistance in dealing with any immigration court proceedings or other immigration issues.

It almost goes without saying that removal procedures and admissibility issues are highly complex and need the skills of a highly qualified immigration attorney. At Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, we take the time to analyze the situation in great detail in order to determine a way to find relief. We also take the time to ensure our clients will get the best outcome if they are required to be present in immigration court proceedings.

This area of the law is extremely complex, which should be no surprise, as there are virtually unlimited ways to deport or remove someone from the United States. Denying entry is also another area where reasons to deny entry are legion.

The term removal is the final outcome from the blending of two processes, exclusion (preventing entry to the US) and deportation (removing someone in the US to outside the US), that came about after the passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. The upshot of these revisions is, that any person who is not a United States citizen may be subject to removal proceedings.

There are two main types of permits issued to live in the US – a permanent resident permit and a non-permanent resident permit. The permanent residents are issued with green cards and the non-permanent residents receive Visas. The difficulty with Visas is that they come with far more restrictions and also expire when the purpose the Visa was issued for in the first place has ended.

Visa holders may face two problems with their Visas – denial of entry and deportation. If you hold a Visa you must prove, every time you enter the US, that you are doing so for permissible reasons. If you are a non-permanent resident, you need to show you will be leaving according to the terms of your Visa. Even if you do provide all the proof that you are able to, you may still be deemed as inadmissible.

Non-permanent residents are more often than not the category of immigrants that are most frequently deported, because they came to the US without having the proper inspection documentation or a valid entry document. The second most common reason for deportation or removal is because they overstayed the time limits on their Visa.

Green cardholders face similar problems and will need the services of highly skilled immigration attorneys who have handled these issues in the past. At Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz we have the skills, the expertise and the time to assist our clients with removal issues and any other related difficulties they may encounter. Won’t you give us a call and let us know how we may be of service to you?

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