Permanent Residence

Employment­- and Family-Based

Whether the goal is employment- or family-based lawful permanent resident status, the Dallas, Frisco, and North Texas lawyers of Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, P.C. welcome the opportunity to meet with individuals and company representatives, to get to know individuals and their dreams, and to understand corporate objectives. After a strategic analysis of available benefits and possible impediments, we can outline comprehensive solutions for consideration. Employers and employees can count on Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, P.C. for timely case preparation and processing, and for personalized and proactive service from us as a trusted advisor who is dedicated to the smoothest path for individuals and corporate clients. We are committed to cost-effective service that respects the corporate bottom line and personal finances. And, we believe that having representation provided by a senior level attorney gives companies and individuals the edge in obtaining the results they desire.

Permanent residence overview

There are two principal bases upon which individuals can obtain lawful permanent resident (Green Card) status in the U.S. – employment in the U.S. and close relatives who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. Under these two broad categories of potential eligibility appear numerous sub-classifications, each with its own eligibility requirements and strategic opportunities. In some cases, a prospective immigrant might qualify for both family- and employment-based immigration, or might qualify for more than one category within either family- and/or employment-based immigration. For these fortunate individuals, strategic immigration planning encompasses consideration of the strengths and limitations of eligibility for each category, including the prospects for success and the waiting period for a visa beyond case preparation and then processing time by USCIS.

While some of the employment- and family-based categories require a waiting period that is dependent primarily on government processing time, other categories have visa waiting periods of varying lengths due to the annual numerical limit on visas allocated on the basis of applicant “chargeability” to a particular country. Mainland-born Chinese, as well as those born in India, Mexico and the Philippines, face visa availability backlogs that are sometimes radically longer than those for individuals born in other parts of the world. This is due to the greater interest in immigrant visas for persons from these countries, an interest that well exceeds the number of visas allocated annually. Chargeability is generally related to the country of one’s birth, though under limited circumstances, chargeability may be assigned differently. How long it will take for a visa to be available in a particular family- or employment-based category plays a key role in strategic immigration planning. When a visa number is currently available for a particular immigrant visa category, an applicant may conclude immigrant visa processing abroad at a U.S. Consular Post, or if eligible may file for adjustment of status in the United States.

Learn more about our Permanent Residence Services:

Family-based permanent residence
Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, P.C. has a decades long history of representing individuals in marriage-based and other family-based permanent residence cases.

Employment-based permanent residence
Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, P.C. also has a decades long history of representing companies and individuals in employment-based permanent residence cases. We are sensitive to both corporate and individual interests, and work diligently and efficiently to meet those needs in a cost-effective manner.

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