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Nonimmigrant visas overview

The Dallas, Frisco, and North Texas lawyers of Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, P.C. are highly skilled in analyzing an applicant’s current and historical information, in preparing visa applications, and in properly evaluating and assembling the supporting documentation for visa applications, whether for a temporary visa or an immigrant visa, with the goal of the smoothest and shortest path to visa approval. We take pride in comprehensively preparing each visa application and use our decades of experience to make your visa application a much easier process with the greatest likelihood of success that we can provide.

Whether as nonimmigrants or immigrants, the majority of foreign nationals seeking authorized status in the U.S. will at some time apply for a visa at a United States consular post abroad. Correct analysis and preparation of a visa application is critically important in the era of enhanced applicant scrutiny and security clearances. Visa applications involve historical data relating to residence, employment, and other aspects of personal histories, all with potential impact on visa eligibility for a desired status at the time of application and for an authorized status in the U.S. in the future. U.S. consular posts can deny visa applications for reasons which may appear to the applicant or to an applicant’s employer to be minor. Some grounds can be overcome; some cannot. It is best that a visa application be made only after a thorough analysis of an applicant’s personal history, including his or her history of other U.S. visas, admissions to the U.S., and periods of stay in the U.S.

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