Consular Processing of Immigrant Visas Attorneys in Dallas & Frisco Texas

At Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, P.C., as part of every case involving the ultimate goal of lawful permanent resident (Green Card) status, our Dallas, Frisco, and North Texas attorneys perform an in-depth analysis of eligibility for that status, identifying any impediments to eligibility, considering possible relief from inadmissibility, and focusing on the important choice of consular processing versus adjustment of status. We engage in strategic immigration planning to find the comprehensive solutions which give our clients the smoothest path available to achieve U.S. immigration goals on a timely basis. Our service is cost-effective, and respects personal finances and the corporate bottom line.

Consular processing is the standard means by which individuals apply for immigrant visas. This type of final processing of immigrant visa applications takes place at U.S. consular posts abroad. The documentary requirements for consular processing can sometimes feel overwhelming to applicants, including the requirement for obtaining foreign police certificates establishing an absence of a criminal history on the part of the applicant.

Some of those who are not eligible for adjustment of status in the United States to that of a lawful permanent resident may still be eligible to obtain their immigrant visas through consular processing abroad. A careful, strategic and comprehensive analysis of all bases of eligibility and/or ineligibility is exceptionally important, not only to benefit from the most favorable form of processing, but also to avoid the otherwise unknown harsh consequences of some choices. In some cases, for example, departure from the U.S. even for a seemingly logical purpose such as consular processing of an immigrant visa, can trigger multi-year bars to admission to the U.S. as an immigrant.

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