I am a student with a STEM undergraduate degree. Should I apply for OPT and then STEM OPT, or seek a change to H-1B status after I graduate?

There is no general answer to this question; rather the appropriate response will depend on the unique facts of a foreign national’s circumstances. Some employers will not offer H-1B sponsorship. Others will sponsor but only after a lengthy period of OPT. Other employers do not participate in E-Verify, which is a requirement for a STEM OPT extension. If this circumstance applies to you, Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz with offices in Frisco, Texas and Dallas, Texas, can provide you with specific guidance to assist you in making a good choice for yourself.

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The information appearing in these FAQ responses is not legal advice and is provided for general information purposes only. You should seek professional advice from an experienced immigration attorney regarding your specific inquiry and case before changing position.

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