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Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz, P.C. represents and counsels a wide range of clients from individuals and families to U.S. domestic and multinational corporations, as well as investors, in all aspects of immigration law including complex immigration issues, which we particularly enjoy.

For every individual and family, successful U.S. immigration proceedings represent a dream achieved and a changed family tree. It has been a joy to us to be a part of those dreams and new branches of family trees for several decades.

For every domestic or multinational business affected by U.S. immigration law issues, whether through affirmative filings for key employees, or the peace of mind that comes from knowing that regulatory compliance is up to government requirements and that corporate changes are made in a manner that proactively addresses immigration law considerations, a smooth and predictable process best supports business and financial goals. We have also enjoyed the challenges and successes of our business immigration practice for several decades.

In representing domestic and multinational corporations, we assist in securing immigrant and nonimmigrant visas necessary for transferring personnel into the United States to satisfy unfulfilled manpower requirements for skilled, professional, managerial and executive personnel by drawing on foreign talent to meet short- or long-term business needs. We also provide representation, guidance, training and continuing support for regulatory compliance programs including workforce compliance, internal and external compliance audits, and public access file documentary requirements for H-1B positions. Another important part of our practice is providing strategic planning and support for corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. We represent both new and established businesses in the United States, and welcome the opportunity to work with foreign-born investors interested in benefits of E-1 or E-2 nonimmigrant or EB-5 immigrant visa status, whether by individual investments or participation in Regional Centers.

We are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to businesses, families and individuals, and to best achieve client goals, our emphasis is on short- and long-term strategic immigration planning. We are devoted to personalized, proactive and responsive client service delivered by a senior level attorney in all cases. We invest in the time to know each of our clients well and strive to be a trusted advisor. We are dedicated to serving client interests in a timely manner, working diligently to pursue the smoothest path available, and managing the details to reduce client stress and ensure client peace of mind. We provide cost effective service that respects personal finances and the corporate bottom line.

We have a proven track record of successfully serving the immigration-related needs of businesses, individuals and families. It is our pleasure, and we believe that it is also our privilege, to serve our clients. We value and appreciate our clients and the trust that they have placed in us.

Our highly experienced attorneys are dedicated solely to providing U.S. immigration-related legal services in North Texas and throughout the United States. Our lead attorney, Stewart Rabinowitz, is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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