USCIS Announces That Certain H-1B Petitions Are to be Filed With the Nebraska Service Center

USCIS has advised that effective July 1, 2016, the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) of USCIS will begin accepting certain H-1B petitions in which the employer seeks to continue previously approved employment without change with the same employer.  The Vermont Service Center and the California Service Center will continue to accept these types of filing until August 31, 2016, when the change to the NSC will be complete.

In addition, the NSC will accept concurrent applications for H4 spouses to extend their stay and concurrent applications for certain H4 spouses who may be eligible for employment authorization.

With this refinement in filing location, USCIS is now requiring an H-1B employer to be yet more mindful of which USCIS Service Center is appropriate for the type of H-1B petition that the employer is filing.