Supreme Court Overturns 3 Municipal Ordinances Aimed at Controlling Illegal Immigration

On March 3, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court denied writs of certiorari in two (2) municipal ordinance cases designed to limit the presence of persons in their city without legal status in the United States.  In the first case, the City of Farmers Branch, Texas sought to implement an ordinance requiring a city license of anyone seeking to rent an apartment.  The high court let stand a Fifth Circuit decision which found that the Farmers Branch ordinance was in conflict with federal immigration law. The Court’s decision brings to a close a 7 year effort by Farmers Branch to curb illegal immigration.

In the second case, the City of Hazelton, Pennsylvania passed employment and housing ordinances in 2006 aimed at controlling illegal immigration by limiting those who could work and live in that city only to persons who could prove legal status in the United States.  The high court let stand a Third Circuit decision finding that the local ordinance was preempted by federal immigration law. Both actions were championed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Korbach.

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