USCIS Announces New Stateside Processing for Waiver Applications

Starting June 4, 2012, USCIS will begin to accept and decide waiver applications for immigrant visa applicants who require a waiver of inadmissibility at a single office in the United States instead of at various USCIS offices located throughout the world.   The change in processing location which USCIS  announced on May 23, 2012, is welcome news for immigrant visa applicants who up to now have faced wildly varying time frames for waiver adjudications from 1 month to more than 1 year, depending on which USCIS the waiver is processed.  Filings for a waiver of grounds of inadmissibility, and an application for permission to reapply for admission after removal are covered by this change.  USCIS points out that the standards for each waiver remain unchanged.   There will be a 6 month transition period for waiver applicants at the U.S. post in Ciudad Juarez, giving applicants at that consular post a choice of U.S. mail-in waiver processing or filing in-person at the USCIS office also located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.