Mentally Disabled US Citizen Files Suit Against the US for Wrongful Deportation

Mark Lyttle, a US citizen of Puerto Rican ancestry with mental disabilities, was wrongfully deported to Mexico. He lived on the streets, in shelters, and in prisons and was deported to Honduras, then Guatemala. He was ultimately issued a US passport and returned to Atlanta where he lives.

His ordeal began while in jail in North Carolina for a misdemeanor when the North Carolina jailers incorrectly notified ICE that Mr. Lyttle was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Despite documentation to the contrary, and knowledge of Mr. Lyttle’s obvious handicap in understanding the proceedings against him, ICE deported him to Mexico. Mexico deported him to Honduras and Honduras deported him to Guatemala. Mr. Lyttle does not speak Spanish, never visited Mexico, and never claimed to be from Mexico. He finally appeared at the US Embassy in Guatemala City, which made inquiries in his behalf, and resulted in his successful claim to US citizenship and receipt of a US passport. Mr. Lyttle seeks damages and injunctive relief for violations of his constitutional rights to due process and equal protection.