DHS Uses Video Surveillance at the Northern Border

Surveillance systems deployed to northern border provide situational awareness.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently announced the use of the

Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS) in the Detroit Border Patrol Sector as part of the Secure Border Initiative’s Northern Border Project. The Northern Border Project is part of CBP’s program to use technology as part of its efforts to secure the northern border against illegal border crossers. The project also deployed the surveillance system in the Buffalo Border Patrol Sector in February 2010.

“The Northern Border Project technology deployment provides immediate capability to help Border Patrol agents expand their ability to detect, identify, classify, respond to and resolve illegal cross border activity,” said Secure Border Initiative Executive Director Mark Borkowski. “At the same time, this deployment will provide lessons learned that will enable CBP to design better-tailored, longer-term technology options for the northern border.”

Each RVSS system has a total of four cameras – two day and two night cameras for round-the-clock operations. The Detroit sector deployment has 11 RVSS sites along the St. Clair River, ten of which are completed and operational with the eleventh scheduled for completion by year’s end. The Buffalo sector deployment has 5 RVSS sites along the upper Niagara River all of which are completed and operational.

The use of technology along the northern border is part of a larger border security strategy to assist CBP officers and agents. SBInet is the portion of SBI charged with developing and installing technology solutions to help gain effective control of our borders. The goal is the right mix of technology and personnel for each border sector based on the operational needs of Border Patrol agents.

CBP chose the Detroit and Buffalo sectors for this latest RVSS deployment based on the needs of the Border Patrol and the unique operational area, which consists of coastal maritime, river, urban and rural environments.

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